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Problems Starting ATV

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Hello, I got a 2007 Polaris Sportsman x2 800 and I am having problems starting it. When i turn the key over the display panel turns on as normal. Then when i turn the key over you hear a click from around where your seat is but it will not fire up. Im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before. Would you think it was the battery not holding a charge or is it a problem with the starter. Any help would be much appreciated.
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i would have to guess that it is the batterey my 90 does that too and the batterey clicks idk if this is the same thing but its gotta be close
With most polaris atv's if you have a battery that is wore down enough the atv will not start. i had the same problem with my sportsman
atv wont start


I just had that exact problem, if you follow the + battery cable it will take you to the cyllanoid which is attached to your frame. one wire in and one wire out. a new cyllanoid is around 60$, and it is easy to replace.
Yes test the battery, first see what the voltage is at the battery when you hear the click from the solenoid while holding the key in the start position. The battery should hold at least 12 to 13 volts.

You will see a drop from the static voltage 1 or 2 volts when the unit works correctly and starts to turn the engine over.

If you see no change in the voltage you may have an open in the start circuit. If the voltage drops off to 3 to 6 volts. Charge the battery with a battery charger and re test or even post the machine with a know-en good battery.

Do a voltage drop on the hard cables ( this is the large cables from the battery) you must have a volt meter to do this test.

Place one test lead on the + cable at the bat and the other at the first connection at the solenoid - test lead. Try a start you should see a reading on the meter of around .003 v. you want a very low reading. As this is showing you the voltage that has been lost in the cable.

Next move your volt meter test leads to ether side of the solenoid, at this time you will see a reading of 12 to 13 volts on the meter as the solenoid is open. Try to start the unit, if you see the 12 volts drop to .003 or .04 this is considered a pass. But if you see 2 to 12 volts on the meter while holding the key in the start position the circuit is not sufficient to pass the voltage and current onto the starter.

You will be able to test the starter and the - cable on the battery with this test

Voltage drop test measures the voltage drop between,the two points.
place the test leads + one end and the - on the other end of the cable this is a parallel connection. You are measuring the voltage lose in the cable or component.

One more thing if you find that the battery is fine and all the connection are clean with minimal voltage drop. You may find that the starter is drawing hi current. look for a hot cable or a hot starter after repeated tries. A current test meter is great for this scenario.
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start problems

I had the same problems.It turned out to be a froze up starter shaft because of rusted needle bearing on shaft. new starter Polaris-$390, aftermarket-$160. quad starts every time now.:)
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