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HI all i am new here
i want to buy an atv
i donot know how to drive.
i willl learn
i have around 4500 euros
i am 100 kilos and 190cm tall.
is there a difference in size between raptor 350 and 250?
are those two the same in size with raptor 700r?
which is the horsepower of 350 and 250?
is 250 a bit slowly in comparisment with a motocross like rmz 250 4 stroke ?
what should i look to be carefull if i get a used one?
thank you

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r u stuck on yamaha? i had a 2004 raptor 350, i hated it. it was slow and did not handle well. but it is a reliable bike it is the same thing as a 350 warrior. been around a long time. its the only yamaha i ever owned. my buddy has a 700 raptor its got alot of power. he likes it. i own a 400ex by honda i love it. i have had alot of hondas i love them. the 250 sounds good in the books but have not rode one. but it looks little on the show room floor. but the 350 is not a bad choice if you get it for the right price. one thing i liked about it was the 6 gears i like t shift
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