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I have a 2013 Honda 500 foreman with power steering.
It seems to be running hot. the high heat is radiating through the side panels down by my Knees on both sides. This is new.
I am getting NO high heat warning light.
The fan is coming on and off as it always has. For short periods as it always has.
The unit is very clean, has never been in deep mud, no rad damage or debris.
The reservoir is as it should be
The rad looking from the rad cap is full
The coolant has been tested and is good.
Should I check if the coolant is being circulated properly HOW DO I DO This.
Should I check to see if the high heat warning sensor is working as it should HOW DO I DO THIS, WHERE IS IT LOCATED
Is there a thermostat that I should check?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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