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What if I put the primary and secondary off the 700 on to my 500. I guess it depends on the size of the output on the crank shaft. I did buy a secondary clutch at my dealer used for $80. It looks almost new. When the spring broke in the secondary part of it hit the primary and took chunk out of it. I am now worried about the balance of the clutch so I might match the rest of the clutch with dremel the balnce it out. It is $500 for a new primary here. I have already way to much into this bike! Rebuilt engine, new u-joints,yokes,coolant sensor,ball joints, brakes, rear master cylinder, the list goes on. I need new speedometer too $400 here. I think it is just time for a new bike.

I found another site world of powersports, some parts match some don't

Thank you for the reply
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