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I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get an airbox, and exhaust snorkel i would preferably like it to come out the rear fenders but any way is fine this is for a 2004 polaris sportsman 700 twin
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exhaust snorkels are on the dennis kirk web site but I think the intake ones are homemade.
The following list is from the highlifter website forums special thanks to backinblack700
for the following info and pictures..By the way his machine is an 05 700.

ok, i decided to do a write up on how to snorkel a sportsman through the front box, well here ya go-

-here are all the materials you will need-

1- about 20ft. of blue spa hose
2- tons of zip ties
3- tube of marine sealant
4- alot of rtv silicone
5- one 1.5in. 90* pvc angle
6- two 1.5in. 45* pvc angles
7- two 1.5in. pvc straight barbed male screw in fittings
8- two 1.5in. pvc 90* barbed male screw in fittings
9- small piece of 1/8in. thick plastic
10- two 1.5in. pvc female ended screw fitting
11- two 2in. to 1.5in. rubber couplers
12- four 1.5in. hose clamps
13- small amount of 1.5in. pvc pipe
14- about 5ft. of 2in. pvc pipe
15- four 2in. pvc female screw on rings
16- four 2in. pvc male screw in fittings with female end on other side
17- four 2in. 180* pvc angles
18- duct tape and foil tape for protection of flex pipe
19- about 3ft. of 3/8in. tube
20- one barbed 3/8in. brass fittings

ok, now down to the business of putting it all together, lets start with the vent tubes, the front diff. breather tube and the rear diff./trans. tube are located below the headlight pod under the small front panel, take them out of their slot and put them up into the headlight pod right behind the top headlight, they should be long enough, then there is the gas tank vent and it is already in the pod, so you dont have to worry about that, the next vent tube is the carb. vent tube(no vent line here if you have efi) connect the 3/8in. barbed fitting to the stock polaris carb. vent line and connect half of your 3ft. piece of 3/8in. tube to the other end, route the piece of tube up into the pod and cut to the length you need, the last vent tube is the overflow bottle, you will need to find a fitting for the top of the bottle, (im not sure what kind it is because my radiator is relocated and i dont have this vent), put your fitting into the top of the overflow bottle cap, connect the other half of your 3/8in. tube to the overflow bottle and route it up into the headlight pod, ok now your vent lines are done, secure them in the pod with zip ties... ok, now i'll tell about the airbox, this is where the marine sealant, plastic plate, and 90* barbed fittings come into play, drill a hole in the bottom of the airbox with a holesaw, i drilled mine where the flat spot is on the bottom, once the hole is drilled, screw a 90* barbed fitting into the hole and face it towards the front of the machine, next put marine sealant all around where the fititngs goes in at, now for the lid, take your factory intake snorkel off and use your plastic plate to cover up the rectangular hole, put marine sealant around the plate and the screws that hold the plate on, next drill a hole in the plate with a hole saw, once the hole is drilled, screw the other 90* barbed fitting into it and be sure to put marine sealant all around where the fitting goes in at, now for your seal, i took my factory seal out and put a bead of silicone in place of it then i pushed the silicone down smooth to make a new seal and let it dry fully, now you have a new double thick seal, i personally then get some really cheap silicone and put a small bead around the lid and then clamp it down to the bottom of the box just to be sure its good and sealed, then i put silicone all around where the carb. boot goes into the airbox to be sure that was sealed, next i routed the bottom airbox vent hose, i routed it up over the starter and then to the left of the engine and up the left side of the machineto the front box, be sure the spa hose isnt rubbing on the starter, it will ruin the starter if it is, then i routed the top spa hose for the lid, i routed it up under the carb. bracket, back up over the frame bracket above the engine, and then back down over the valve cover and under the gas tank to the front box, be sure to put foil tape all around the spa hose by the valve cover, secure the foil tape better with duct tape, next is the belt intake, i connected a 2in. to 1.5in. rubber coupler to the metal part of the belt intake that is actually part of the motor, i then connected the 90* 1.5in. pvc angle to the rubber coupler, next i connected a 1.5in. 45* pvc angle to the 90* angle, then i connected a 1.5in. female pvc screw fitting to the 45* angle, next i screwed one of the 1.5in. straight barbed fittings into the female screw fitting, next i routed the hose for the belt intake on the left side of the engine, up the left side of the machine, and then to the front box, now for the belt exhaust, connect the other 2in. to 1.5in. rubber coupler to the belt exhaust port, it will be an extremely tight fit, but it will go on i promise, next connect the other 1.5in. 45* angle to the rubber coupler, then put the other 1.5in. female pvc screw fitting into the 45* angle, next screw the other 1.5in. straight barbed fitting into the female screw fitting, then route the flex pipe up the left side of the machine and to the front box, you are basically done at this point, be sure to connect the spa hose to all of the barbed fittings and then use the four hose clamps to hold them on, this will also be a very tight fit, but the hose will fit over the fittings, last, be sure to use pvc glue on all pvc fittings and use silicone at all other fittings, also be sure to put duct tape and foil tape where you think it is neccesary to protect the spa hose... I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU RUINING YOUR BIKE IF YOU DONT SNORKEL IT RIGHT!!! LOL. here are the pics, if you need more pics than i have posted up, just ask me and i'll get some more up!!!

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Thanks for the info
dont quiet get it up top. i just want to know simply how to snorkel my air box with pictures of yours already done up. im norkling mine this week and i want to do it properly , plz help asap!
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