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Hi Guys
New here and just bought a very used 2002 700 Sportsman in fair condition.
The gear selector lockout spring that connects the rear brake foot pedal to the transmission is to long to pull the pin down to select park and high range. The spring looks like the picture in the parts manual (Part number 7042075 Spring, Gear Selector Lockout) on page C8 of my book. (Rear Master Cylinder / Foot Pedal) But it is quite possible the PO put the wrong spring on it.
None of my local dealers have one in stock to measure and before ordering a new one and finding out something else is wrong, I was wondering if someone could measure the hook to hook length on theirs.
It appears to be used on a lot of ATV including: 04 Magnum 330, 02-05 Sportsman 600-800 etc.
The spring I have measures 4 inches but it would appear I need something around 3 3/4 inches
Can anyone help?
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