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sportsman recall

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I recently, like a month and a half ago found out there is a recall on my sportsman 450 for the ecm module or something like that. I ordered the part and still the dealer says it is on back order. I'm number 4 or 5 on their list out of 20 or so. Does anybody know how long of a wait there is on this part? The dealer said there is somewhere around 15000 of this part on back order nation wide. They also claim they have not recieved a single one. Also my all wheel drive does not work properly. It still engages even with the switch on 2wd. The light on my dash goes out but it's not getting disengaged somewhere along the line. Could this ecm module be my issue? I really hope so because it did not start acting up till a week or so after my warranty expired. That's the way it always goes isn't it?
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