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anyone ever have any of their neighbors giving them any grief for taking your ATV out onto your street just to go up and down the block every now and then for fun?
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yeah depends. We have this newer generation of neighbors with small kids that don't respect the neighborhood code of talking to the PERSON before calling to cops. The cops are getting kinda pissed cuz its not really wrong to ride them in the streets as long as we are not speeing or doing anything "stupid". Just tell them to shove off, or something more vulgar if you prefer. haha good luck!
Well I know out here it is against the law to operate dirtbikes/atvs/etc and I am outside of the city limits. out here there is plenty of grass/dirt on the sides of the road to ride on wich is perfectly legal so that what we do out here.
Like he said some of the families with little kids are nervous when we ride in the ditches (and now the kids are beging there parents for quads too) but alot of them come out and join us. The old people come out and watch me and my buddies race in the ditches and jump the driveways. Cops only got called a couple of times but that was because the neighbors just moved in and i just put a new pipe on and I figured it was going to happen, but couldn't wait.
I lived in an area where there were plenty of people, but they were never really bothered with us driving the fourwheeler on the road and past their houses. The only thing they had a problem with was people putting the back brakes on their driveway, destroying it a little bit. Other than that, the noise or the sight of a few fourwheelers were never a problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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