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Hello All,

I bought a 2001 Vinson quadrunner as few years back and just found a problem with it. I hadn't gotten stuck anywhere with it, so I never noticed a problem with the 4wd. I think the previous owner must of known there was an issue with the front differential. It was run dry and appears that water came in ripped vent tube. I need new cv axles as one completely came apart and all new bearings and seals in the diff. I can rebuild the diff for around $200 but here is my problem. I think the previous owner new this was a problem and he removed the 4wd actuator and it's like $400 used! I can buy an entire front diff for $500 used.

I guess my question is this:

Does anyone know how this motor operates? It just looks like a windshield wiper motor. I'm assuming it runs in either direction until the 2wd switch and 4wd switch in the diff interrupt power. I found a actuator online for $40 that doesn't work. I'm wondering if I can use the bracket and gears and just swap the motor from some random automotive wiper motor. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks alot
I'm actually looking for a bad front differential that's got a got output shaft if your interested? Mine is a 2002 LTF quad runner which is the same as the LTA quad master.As you can see from the photo of my output shaft the end where the snap ring goes is cracked and actually missing a little piece .
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