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I have 1983 Tri Moto 200EK (Shaft drive). It was a little hard to start and kicked back sometimes when starting with the recoil. I broke down and replaced the starter clutch so I could start it easier. It hasn't helped. Here is what is happening and hope someone has some ideas:

1. It tries to start. Hit the start button it fires and sounds like it will go but dies almost immediately.
2. If I give it even a little throttle while starting it dies and kicks back.
3. I was able to get it going 1 or 2 times since starter clutch replacement but takes forever. Ran great once started.

Things I have done.
1. Cleaned carb and adjusted everything to spec.
2. Checked that flywheel and cam gear are aligned at TDC on compression stroke
3. Adjusted cam gear tensioner to spec
4, Adjusted Intake and exhaust valves to with-in spec (they were already but tried to open intake a tad but didn't help)

The plug gets almost immediately black just trying to start it.

I have not checked compression yet (tester is at the cabin) but I will. Given that it did start and run I am thinking compression is at least ok.
I also still need to hook a timing gun up and check timing but since I can't get it started don't think I can check it. Also there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust timing anyway.

Anybody have another idea?
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