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Hey guys,

I'm looking to replace my 1995 Honda 300 4x4, and for my price range im looking at either a 2008 rancher 420 roughly 1500 km or 2005/2006 Rubicon with anywheres from 2000-2500 km

Reliabilty is a big thing for me expescially with how far away from cell service and very muddy/gumbo/skeggy situations most of it seems to be up here

These seem to be the averages for the price I want to spend. Which way would you guys recommend or should I maybe look at a foreman instead of rubi

Im liking the 420 just because I love my 300 for its small size and it's proven it's self by usually doing better in the muskeg then my buddy's with their formans. But my 300 is annoying with it's trouble on steep hills and more power is definitly needed

Use of machine would be

all day trail rides on and off during summer
hunting almost all fall
drag a moose out of the bush (though i've done this with 300 before so im sure 420 can do it)
tow a tub trailer once in a blue moon (though for the annual moose hunt there are bigger quads that usually tow trailer)
driving on lake in winter for ice fishing

looking for some advice on which way you guys would lean towards

with 420 independant rear suspension how will it perform with towing and dragging heavy wait compared to solid rear axle

Thanks Dan.
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