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So we have 3 ATVs.

a Honda TRX250EX
a Honda TRX400EX
and a Honda TRX700

Right now they are all running different tires and that really suck since I would like to have a spare ready for when I get a flat.

So I was thinking if I could change the tires so they would all be the same.

all the front rims are the same size and only the rear rims on the 700 is bigger.

Here is the info about tire and rims sizes right now

Front. Rim: 10x5.5 Tire: Dunlop KT171 AT22/7-10
Rear. Rim: 9x8.0 Tire: Dunlop KT175 AT22/10-9

Front. Rim: 10x5.5 Tire: Kenda H track M/R 101 22/7-10
Rear. Rim: 9x8.0 Tire: Kenda H track M/R 510 20/10-9

Front. Rim: 10x5.5 Tire: Dunlop KT363 21/7R-10
Rear. Rim: 11x7.0 Tire: Dunlop KT378A 22/9R-11

What I was thinking was to get the same font tire on all three. and the same rear tire on the 250 and 400.

that way I would only have to have 1 front spare and 2 rear spares.

So what do you guys think... and do you have any suggestions for tires.. the area around here is where rocky so the tires really gets raped every time.. So I guess a HARD rubber would be good.

Let me know what you think!
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