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Howdy Ya’ll! I’m the ranking FNG and would like to take advantage of your experience.

Late last fall after wearing my stock Dunlop tires down on my 750 Brute Force, I purchased some ITP 14” Rims with 27–9-R14 (Front) & 27–11-R14 (Rear) GBC Dirt Commander tires. My goal was to raise the bike up a little bit and improve traction on muddy Appalachian hillsides. To this end, all worked out well beyond expectations, the BGC dirt Commanders offer some serious traction, but the downside is that I have lost my high speed capabilities on the flats. With the GBC’s mounted, my max speed is less than half what the factory original Dunlop’s allowed. When I get above 35 mph the bike starts to vibrate and “float” giving a definite feeling that I’m about to lose control. At low speed and in the mud, these tires are great. But I would like to get my speed back.

So, my questions are:

1. Is the vibration and floating feeling I get because I went to a 14” rim when I should have stayed with a 12”?

2. Would reducing tire size from a 27” R14 to a 26” R14 give me the higher speed capabilities back, or should I just abandon the 14” rim idea and go back to 12” rims?

3. I’ve been considering the Maxxis Bighorn tires as a possible “all purpose” replacement which will hopefully give me back the higher speed capabilities. I’d save the GBC Dirt Commanders for sloppy trail conditions & deep snow. Am I on track here, or repeating the same mistake? :dunno:

BTW>>> My only gripe with the Dunlop tires was that they were 2 ply, and there is a lot of buried scrap metal where I ride, just waiting to give me another flat tire – hence the decision for the 8 ply Dirt Commanders.
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