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To All Of Guys Out Their

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Most any man can father a child for this we know is true, but to be a good dad there's a whole lot more for all these men to do.
They have to have strength to endure long days even though their bodies be tired, the love in their hearts has to show in their eyes to the child who so admires.
They have to show honesty through each day and show that life is worth living, they have to show caring in all they do in taking and in giving.
Understanding has to be a big part of the father's heart as well, and though he feels pain or hurts at times he may never, never tell.
They have a great laughter that shows in their eyes and comes rolling from within, to light up the faces of each little child as each day draws to an end.
Hopes for today, Dreams for tomorrow is what they must keep showing, and though they grow old they still feel great joy, for the love of their children keeps growing.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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amen i love my son. we love to ride , he is learning on a 1996 honda z50r. he loves it he is the best
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