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trip in Saudi Arabia desert

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Hi my friend
i am from Saudi Arabia and I want to show you some pictures and video for us
i have YFZ450 2008
my friends CRF450 & YZ250

Wheelie all time :D



YouTube - Helmet cam & Jumping in Thomamh Riyadh, Thursday trip
YouTube - Helmet cam & Jumping in Thomamh Riyadh, Friday trip
YouTube - Jumping YFZ 450,CRF 450 YZF450 30-10-2008
YouTube - motorcycle in riyadh thomamh
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Sweet pictures and vids man! Welcome to the forums!!!
Hala wallah b'khouna saleh. Min alRiyadh? Im from Jeddah Here. Sorry for you guys who dont understand arabic, just got excited when there ARE saudis out there that ride. I mostly see sport/naked/cruiser, not that many ATVs/MXs. Holla at me anytime when you go to Jeddah
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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