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I have a 2004 trx 400 that has developed an annoying issue with the hondamatic. With the service manual i've managed to narrow it down to either the angle sensor or the ECM, but i don't know which to try first.
What happens is every time i start the bike it runs fine then if i put it in D or R it will say D or R for a few seconds then it will turn to flashing "--". Sometimes in D if i take off really fast it will work normally but once i stop again it will flash "--". Whenever the "--" is flashing it will only drive like it is in first gear. When I put it in reverse regardless of how fast I do it the machine will bog and hardly move as if the rpm's are being limited.
I have taken the angle sensor off and it was clean and moving freely and put it back on (preloaded) and still the same. I have also tried the initiating procedure but on the first step (UP, DOWN, UP with throttle motion) I can hear the control motor moving like normal but afterwards the screen continues to flash "--" when it is supposed to be a solid "N". In the service manual it says to make sure a solid "N" is there but doesn't say what to do if it's not there! :dunno:

Also, the angle sensor was replaced just a few months ago. I did the code reading this time and got 5-angle sensor (motor lock). I know the angle sensor only costs ~$70, does anyone know what the ECM costs?

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