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two quads in a pickup??

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have any of you guys tried to fit 2 atvs in a pickup truck? howd you do it?
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ive seen a piece you can buy that sits on the top of your pickup bed its like a trailer without wheels on your box MonsterHauler -- ATV Bed Racks and ATV Carriers for Longbed & Shortbed Pickup Trucks it is $1299.00 though it looks like a nice one if you get one fill us in on how your truck hauls it and the tippyness of your truck also what kind of truck, probably could even haul 2 sleds in it
My friend and I put a 300EX and a banshee in a Chevy S10! lol:laugh:
Seen that before with a couple of sportsmans^^lol
sportsmans!!! no way thats crazy then again thats only an s-10
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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