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Some may remember I came on here with questions regarding a Yamaha Big Bear I bought that had been sitting out in the snow for years.
Well....she LIVES. I think the previous owner just rode it until something broke then ,rather than fix it, just parked it.
Had stock worn out tires, seized recoil starter, loose steering, seized carb, seized winch.
Well, with the addition of a Chinese carb ,( I know but stock carb no longer available and expensive), it is now running good. Front brake pads were worn through the backing plate and halfway through the piston. New cluster on starter button side. New wheels and tires. Fresh oil in everything. Everything is now working and I'm actually surprised.
I've used it to tow a dump trailer around our property and make runs down to the mailbox. Probably going to put a snowplow on it for winter. No knocking, no smoke. Valves have been adjusted and new air filter. I also added a manual fan switch.
It's amazing that it could sit so long in harsh conditions and still come back from the dead.

Thanks for all your help

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