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Up for sale is my velocity devices ecu for 08 and up kawasaki brute force 750's.

This is a complete replacement performance ecu for both stock and modified brute force 750's. Fuel and timing curves, idle rpms, ect are all user programmable with the usb link and a laptop. You can also run the stock programming and benefit as well.

I've ran this thing for 3 seasons with no real issues. It's a little finicky in extreme cold or hot weather and required some tuning for better starting. Otherwise no issues. Good power improvement over stock. I've uploaded the latest firmware and ecu maps from velocity devices already so it should be plug and play on a stock brute.

The only knocks on my unit its that some of the paint has worn off the top of the box and the harness adapter wires have been cut and resoldered. I had lengthened the wires to move the ecu into my toolbox out of the mud and water and then removed the wires to put back to stock. It's purely cosmetic and adapters are cheap from velocity devices. Pics are available for those interested.

I paid $600.00 for the unit and programmer. I'd like to get $300.00 for it. I'll pay shipping for north america.

Thanks for looking.
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