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Hi everyone. I just joined the forum, and am pretty excited about getting back into ATV's. I've had quite a few, and almost always had one or so since the 1980's. I'm am likely buying a 2003 Foreman for plowing and wood gathering at some point this week.

ANYWAY, a few years ago my buddy gave me a 1983 Suzuki lt125. I didn't think much of it, having a new CRF450R. UNTIL NOW. I just bought a pretty large wooded property, and have been using the little ATV daily. Problem is the lighting circuit. It produces up to 40 vac when you rev it up high. This model does not have a regulator or rectifier. The manual says, if the voltage is not between 5.5 and 8 volts AC, to replace the lighting coil. I just did that, and I am still seeing the same high voltage. I also inspected the wiring, and cleaned the only ground. THE BIG QUESTION IS: Has anyone put any sort of aftermarket regulator on these things? And has anyone switched the lighting to 12 VAC? That is my plan, but if someone has already paved the way, I would love to not have to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks all for checking out my post, and especially if you can give me some feedback!!!

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