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Hello all I'm wanting to buy a new brand name atv, I'm stuck between a motorcycle and a atv. I want the atv because I hunt and have stuff to tow around. I was looking at the Yamaha 450 because it's the smallest out of the new atvs but it has the highest tow capacity and it's not an arm and a leg priced... I was curious how well a 2022 kodiak 450 would preform on the highway at 65 mph and for stretches upto 500-600 mile round trip in a day.
Will the 450 drive at 65 and tow when needed @ 65 ?
Or do I need to look into a motorcycle?
I have high HP diesels & srt8 challenger, I'm just looking for A-B vechical that gets amazing MPG.
Plan to tow a small plastic kayak and fishing gear.
Thank y'all
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