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hey guys

i have a 01 sportsman 500 duse with a (polaris) warn 2000 winch that has the old type switch (yes the big grey switch) and it finally broke on me when i was stuck in a bog hole.(that is 100% my luck) anyways i went to go buy one from costal marine and that was $120 or something for and ebay is asking $87+25 s/h. is there a way i can buy the newer/mini rocker switch that replaces that big ugly grey switch and will work? so far all i can find is the 1.5 cl,2.5cl,and the 3.0cl but near one for a 2000 winch.

also has anyone used them Universal ATV Winch Rocker Switch with the Solenoid Contactor? or do anyone know how i can get my winch working again witout paying alot of cash to buy that big dumb gray switch?

let me know.


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