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Looking to buy a newer atv and i know there alot of variables purchasing them but i want peoples input on the subject cause i have narrowed it down to 3 different ones

First off i am an avvid KTM dirt rider so I am already partial to their bikes/motors and what not I would love to get a new KTM 525 xc But this atv is way over my budget so for budget sakes these three are what ive chosen.Keep in Mind I AM NOT RACING I want something vey sporty and handles great with good ground clearance for trail riding but do not want a 4x4.

-Polaris Outlaw IRS with the KTM 525(510CC) Motor
Leaning mostly towards this bike cause I love the power the KTM motors make and comes with great Fox suspension and IRS ive ridden alot of four wheelers and this one interests me alot especially being a KTM fan.

-Yamaha 700 Raptor SE
I like this bike alot and have alot of riding experience with it and its a damn near bulletproof bike from what ive seen great all around and plush ride sounds very mean with an exhaust.

-Yamaha YFZ 450r
I like the appearance of this bike and I know for years now they have been a very great bike rode one only 1 time and very fast but in my opinion they are too low to the ground and for trails this might be a problem .

I want any and everyones opinion on these three and like i said im not racing it and im partial to ktm especially seeing what kind of torment ive put my ktms through and they still hold up but please lemme know what all of you think any info is always great thanks guys.
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