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What is a good choice for a senior aged farmer?

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Well, hello. I am 74, but still very active on our farm. I need an ATV that will pull a small trailer, 600 lbs at most, plus I weigh about 190. I don’t care much about speed since driving down a fence line checking for breaks doesn’t need speed. I would imagine even a 250cc would be adequate, but decided I would ask here for advice to see if anyone had any suggestions.
A Kawasaki dealer is 10 miles away, some other dealers within 35 miles so I would imagine most brands are represented nearby.
Thanks in advance for those who offer advice.
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My first thought is a 93 to 2002 Suzuki King Quad 300. They were still for sale in Australia till 2018. Not fast, but rugged, easily maintained, and will pull whatever you hook on it.The farmers friend all over the world. They are like mini tractors. If you read up on them you'll see what I mean. Good well maintained machines are out there for a third of the price of a new bike. 4wd, with locking front differential, 3 range, super low, low, and high, 5 speed semi automatic clutch. Just my opinion as a 66 year old living in some of the highest mountains in West Virginia, on an 85 acre farm.
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