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I need to know what to take with me when I go trail riding. I have rode atv in the past through people land, place that if we broke down we could go back and get a truck close to it. Now me and my wife want to go do some trail riding and Im just curious on what I might need to have on hand with me. Im thinking a small air compressors, slime, and tire repair kit. A snatch cable or rope. What would be some other things? if you have an advice please let me know.

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not sure how far your talking about but some of my rides are 100km plus in the bush. Rainsuit..waterproof matches..flashlight..hatchet..knife..rope...1st aid kit...gps/ are all nice to have when you need them.

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Experience has taught me to carry a comprehensive kit in my bag. In addition to Planners list, you will find in my rack bag when I’m trail riding:

• Folding saw (for small trees & branches laying over the trail – My most used tool in the kit)
• 12 volt air compressor!
• Tire patch kit!
• 1 wrench of each size of the stock factory provided tool kit
• 1 deep socket of each size of the stock factory provided tool kit (3/8 drive)
• 3/8 drive ratchet
• 2 ½” socket extension (3/8 drive)
• “Cheater Bar” piece of pipe for ratchet handle (Lug nuts are on tight)
• Phillips & Slotted screwdrivers
• Pliers
• Extra Fuses!
• Cell Phone in padded neoprene case (eBay)
• Bottles of water (rotate the stock often – small holes in plastic occur from wear & friction)
• Disposable lighter
• 25’ Tow strap
• 6’ Tow strap
• Toilet Paper!
• Beef Jerkey
• Maps
• GPS in neoprene bag (eBay)
• Flashlight
• Zeiss Lens Cleaning wipes (Optical section at Walmart)

Obviously – I have a big rack bag and don’t do wild stunt driving while I’m out on the trails. I do probably pack more than most people to because of the distances I tend to get away from home, and I also get a lot a comments about my air compressor… mostly from guys at rallies who did not think it was “necessary”. :laugh:

It sound like a lot, but If you pack this up smart in heavy canvas bags, you’ll be surprised how well you can get it all to fit. Oh- and don’t pack the cheap tools that break when you need them most.

Zip Lock freezer bags help keep stuff clean & dry, but also need to be replaced every couple of months do to wear & tear.

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Item List

Some may think that Big John's list is over-kill, but I have a lot of the same items in my box. When you are way out there, you have got to be prepared. Some slight variations I have made:

1) Instead of another tow strap (6'), I have a tree saver strap.
2) I have a winch, but doesn't help much if you must go backwards. So I also have a come-along.
3) Instead of a nice, but expensive Ogio bag, I have a Stanley Fat Max tool box mounted on the back rack - it's waterproof and lockable.
4) Final though - you don't have to have Craftsman, Mac, etc. tools. Many of the items I have in my kit came from Harbor Freight. They are heavy duty, just not as flashy as the big name tools.

Just my $.02 worth.
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