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hi there could someone please help me with this issue. I own a 2000 Honda 450 Foreman ES, I noticed that there was some play one of the front wheels. So i checked for play in the ball joints, tie-rod end. That was all good. So i checked the wheel bearing and it was completley ruined. It was full of mud etc.. So i replaced the wheel bearing. But still there is some play in the wheel when i grasp the top and bottom of the wheel and move it. Also when i drive that wheel looks like it has a wobble (quite a bad wobble).
I'm not sure what to go at next. Could the wobble of the tire be caused by a bent rim?? What else could cause the play in the tire??

**Also when i purchased the wheel bearing kit it came with a small round piece. Looks like a small plastic bushing. Not sure what it was for??**
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