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Hey folks,

I'm sorry that my first post has to be an appeal for help, but my son has an ATV that does not work. We want to fix it, but don't know where to get parts for it. It was bought by his grandparents but they aren't around to tell us what it is. So, maybe you can help.

We took off the body panels and found this number, LAGAKUCY441000138, stamped on one of the metal braces on the frame. The number was under where the seat is installed. It also has a couple of stickers that read ATV90CC. I have looked on the rest of the frame, the engine block, handlebars, controls, etc but can't find anything that would narrow it down. I sent this number to bajamotorsports but they say it isn't one of theirs.

Can you help?

Thanks for your help,

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