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Which pipe should i get

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Hi everyone. I have a 05 Honda 400 ex and i'm thinkng of getting an aftermarket pipe for it.
I am not really concerned about the cost, but i just want what will give me the most power for the buck. Right now i am lookin at a HMF bill balance full system pipe, a white bros e series pro meg full system, or a FmF power core 4 with a power bomb head pipe.
Let me know what you guys think. Its a bit of an off season here but i need to decide for next summer.
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Well my vote would go to White Brothers. White brothers is an excellent pipe choice, just stay away from those annoying WhiteBros R4's.
I would also suggest you stay away from FMF.They don't do much for 4-strokes, as for the HMF its fine, strong overall power and can pull up the front end in every gear if you want it too.
well i'm not into aftermarket parts but I hear that White Bros is good from other riders
id get cobra thats what i have on my honda fourtrax... pretty loud and increases power enough to go from taknig off with all fours on the ground to taknig off with the wheels a bit off the ground. great pipe around 200-250 $
curtis sparks makes a fine unit for about 550.00. its what i got on mine. i love it. i have a 2007 400ex. i also have a um performance air box and k&n filter runs great. if not curtis sparks hmf is good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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