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Will you buy a new ATV in the next year?

  • yes

    Votes: 30 41.7%
  • no

    Votes: 15 20.8%
  • maybe

    Votes: 27 37.5%

Will you buy a new ATV in the next year?

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Will you buy a new ATV in the next year?
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Depends on what Honda comes out with. I don't like the new 680s rincon, I like my 650 better.
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I agree, I would like the extra power but it not enough for me to buy a new wheeler I'll stick with my 650 for a while yet.
I would like to but probably won't until i get out of college.
Hmmm... Maybe.. Still considering though.. :)
Ill buy a new quad when Honda puts FI on the 450R
Just picked up a new Can-Am 800R XT 2 weeks ago.
Not if mine are still running!
Didn't get the Ranger, we bought 2 Sportsman 800 Touring models instead. Awesome!
not likely.
as soon as i make up my mind.

what company i want to go with.. i want a large cc utility for hunting.and some mud boreing.. i want it to be camo for sure. must be 4 wheel is what i have been looking at. dealerships near where i live. the polaris sportsman xp 550 and 850.. and the suzuki near where i live has a left over 09 750 king quad in camo. i have been looking on line. i really like the looks of the artic cats. and the camo on them looks way nicer. than the other brands i have seen. but all the artic cat dealers are a long way from where i live. i have some where in the ball park. 8500.oo to spend on one. i have always beem a motorcycle guy. and never have had a 4 wheeler. i would be greatful to hear some ideas on what peaple think the best company is for the money.. thanks alot iam new here. and hope to be 4 wheelin real soon. thanks chris from ohio..
TRX700xx or Raptor700

Any thoughts, looking at getting an '08 or '09, can't decide on the two.:confused:
May be next year or year after that. I have yet to make the choice between few models that i like, my girl would also have her say.............
If I do, it will be a HONDA!
Yes, early next spring. Polaris Sportsman 400HO.
I'm still trying to decide between CVT or autoclutch/manual shift. I like the Hondas, Yamahas, and Suzukis, also Arctic Cat, but I don't think Arctic Cat is in my price range, though.:dunno:
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