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First of all hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and excited to get stuck into the discussions.

I've recently got a Yamaha 225 Moto 4 (250cc) with the intension of using it as a work horse.

It starts great cold with or without the choke depending on the day and I can ride it down the track turn it off and start it back up straight away. However after I've been using it for a while and the engine is hot once you turn it off it will not start. It doesn't sound like its firing. I'll leave it for 30 minutes till its gone cold and it will start straight away again.

When its running hot the quad works fine. Its just the second you turn it off it doesn't want to know.

Has anyone heard of this before?

The engine is air cooled and I'm just stumped as I always thought it should be harder to start a cold than it is hot.

Thanks for your help
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