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Yamaha Warrior Question

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My son has a 98 Warrior // We had the cdi box changed and the stator. We ordered the stator from dennis kirks atv and when we recieved it the stator itself had 2 coils mounted to it seperate from the pick up coil. These coils are ont he stator itself. My orginal stator had only one coil. Any how the mechanic put the part on and it was misfire and barly keep running at all. He pulled the new stator out and told me it was the wrong part. Of course kirk said it was the right part. any how the mechanic took the old stator and put the pick up coil from the new stator into the bike. It fires right up now and runs perfect only in idle speed. If you try to gas it any at all it starts spuddering and cutting out. Wondering if I just need to replace the whole stator and pick up coil again????
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First check if your parking brake is not on (on but brakes not working)
that happened to me where the parking BRAKE doesnt work but its on and it prevents the engine from reving and makes it cut out and BACKFIRE?? D:
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