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Your list of ATVs (Formerly Owned and/or Currently Owned)

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It's been years since I've rode a fourwheeler, but when we had them we had a fair amount of them and I can still remember the brands/makes of them. I thought this would be a cool topic to get to know what other members ride or rode in the line of ATVs.

- 2003 Honda Foreman ES 450 4x4 Four Wheeler
- 2003 Honda FourTrax 350 (Rancher) Four Wheeler
- 1995 Kawasaki Bayou 220 Four Wheeler
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My first was a 1987 YAMAHA YFM350 MOTO-4. I just got a 02 Can-am ds 50 for the kids.My next will be an 08 grizzly.
1997 Polaris Trail Boss 250-pretty fun
2001 Polaris Sportsman 90- cousin and i wrecked--being repaired soon
198x Honda 350 3-wheeler-very fun and very tippy,those old honda motors are like bulletproof :)--SOLD
Well for one my cousin and i rode it wayyy to hard when it ran--doing jumps, flipping it, hit a couple trees ACCIDENTLY--but it still ran after that. The thing that did it was one hot summer day we went riding like 10 hours nonstop and we were riding it hard then too. we also took it mudding with water almost over the 4-wheeler but it ran strong the whole day. It wasn't until the next morning when it quit running. It would turn over and it had spark, fuel, oil but then all of a sudden it just locked up so i tore the motor down and found out the piston was stuck to the cylinder so i got it un stuck and i took a break for a while. While i was taking a break my step-dad tried putting it back together and put the jug/cylinder on backwords and broke one of the tabs off the jug. Oh yeah the rings were fried also so know i need a new cylinder and rings. I just hope i remember where all of the parts go. its been two years since i took it apart. :)
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That sucks! Hope you can get it runnin
Did that 90 have good power for its size?
ooh yeah we had my uncle and my brother on it while pulling 2 people behind it on sleds with almost no problem just didn't accelerate as good as having just one person on the ATV. I was very impressed with the durability! :thumbsup:
I got a 02 bombardier ds 50 for free today with carb problems.Gonna work on that tomorrow and see if I can get that running for the kids.
Sweet find that reminds me-that 90 had nothin but problems with the carburetor but i think it was messed up in the first place :dunno:
This ones got an electric choke on it so im sure it will be fun to tear apart.The machine sat outside for the last year and the gas tanks got water in it so im gonna be busy:D
Yeah mine had electric choke also. I'd much rather have mechanical choke but electric is good for the kids 'cause no messing around with choke or forgetting to turn it off or someting like that.
Did the 90 polaris need a battery to run?
Currently I own an 02 Ds50 for the kids and an 08 Grizzly 700 fi eps for me.
the list of toys

I have had a few quads

1986 quad runner 125
1987 quad runner 185
1987 kawasaki tecate 4(regret gettin rid of that beast)
1992 yamaha blaster
2004 polaris predator(current ride)
had problems with my carb until we took it in and they fixed it carb leaks if you leave gas on but runs great manual choke 2003 sportsman 90
have all below atvs plus 2001 sportsman 400 and yamaha big bear in family my grand parents also used to own a quad but i was young and dont remember the kind
have a 1990 Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4 BLUE!:)
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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